Our Story

Royal Trophies has been around for a long time? 

Royal Trophies was actually started in the 1960s in East Point by a couple ( names unknown), and the original location was on 1599 White Way,?East Point,?GA? (where Q’s Restaurant is currently located).

Dave Evans and Rhetta Larabee were tired of the corporate life and decided to become business owners. They didn’t know anything about trophies but they knew that they wanted to work for themselves. After researching various businesses for sale, they discovered Royal Trophies, and bought it in 1982. 

In 1990, Dave and Rhetta felt the location on West Cleveland was very hidden and needed to be in an area that would experience more foot traffic. So when the new plaza was being built, they moved to 2145 Main Street (the current location). This move was really good for them experiencing a major surge in sales. Royal Trophies experienced a lot of success under their leadership. Fast forward to 2015. 

Eric Marcus walks into Royal Trophies to get some trophy plates engraved for his Cub Scouts pack. Mr. Dave gave him the plates as promised and Eric was pleased. 

Next year 2016. Eric gets plates engraved, but when he returned home he told his wife LaPrecious that he thought Royal Trophies would be the perfect business to get into. He said that he was going to ask Mr. Dave if he would be willing to sale his business. That same day Eric drove back to the shop and asked if he would be open to discussing the future of Royal Trophies in the event Mr. Dave wanted to do something else. 

Mr. Dave was suspicious and somewhat open to the idea. Mr. Dave didn’t give any promises or show any sign of interest. Eric said that he would remain in touch with Mr. Dave. Eric would call and visit every 3-6 months and it felt like he was reintroducing himself to Mr. Dave each time. 

Dave, Eric, and LaPrecious

On January 3, 2019 Mr. Dave sent Eric an email asking if he was still interested in taking over the business. Eric couldn’t believe his eyes. He said Yes! Yes! Yes! 

However, Eric was afraid and wasn’t willing to leave corporate America so soon. LaPrecious was the backbone that made it possible for them to move forward with the purchase of Royal Trophies. 

Eric and LaPrecious became the official new owners of Royal Trophies on February 8th, 2019. 

For 3 weeks Mr. Dave trained LaPrecious on everything he felt they needed to know, and she trained Eric on the weekends. On March 1st, Eric left his job to work with his wife full-time to help run the business. 

Mr. Dave was very encouraging and patient with the new owners and was very proud to see them continue the legacy. That’s the end of the story or the beginning?