Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your turnaround?

Most orders can be fulfilled within 3 to 5 days. If you have a large order (50+ items), we require at least 1 week of production lead time.

However, if you require something in less than 3 days, we can help you too, but you should expect a rush order fee.

What is your rush fee?

Sometimes you find yourself in a bind and you need something within a very short time-frame (you can’t afford to wait 3 business days). No problem, we got you covered. Rush fees are not applied to items that don’t require personalization or assembly.

Two Days Rush Fee: For orders under $25 the rush fee is $8.50. Everything else is $15 or 15% of the cost of the order (whichever is more).

Next Day Rush Fee: Orders under $25 the rush fee is $12.50. Everything else is either $25 or 25% of the cost of the order.

Same Day Rush Fee: Orders under $25 the rush fee is $19.50. Everything else is either $35 or 35% of the cost of the order.

Can you engrave my logo?

All logos can be engraved. Logos that engrave the best can be represented in black and white.

How can I get my logo engraved for free?

Customers that provide the artwork in a vector format which is a file-type of EPS or Ai, the one-time logo processing fee of $45 will be waived.

What all can you personalize?

We can engrave glass, crystal, leather, medal, plastic, wood and paper. However some items are more difficult to engrave then others. It’s best to bring the item to the shop and confirm what’s possible or not.

How much will it cost to engrave…?

We get this question a lot, but it depends. We do not normally estimate how much a job will cost without seeing it.

The cost of a job depends on 3 variables: The complexity or time to complete, source of materials, and number of items.

Complex Jobs: The more complex the job, the more time is required to fulfill the order. This factor is critical. Regardless of how small or large a job, the amount of time or complexity of the work is always a major factor in the cost.

Source of Materials: Materials we provide cost less. If you supply the materials, and we can’t easily replace (in the event we make a mistake) you can expect a higher cost to engrave.

Number of items: The more items you have the less the cost.