Thinking about promotional products?

What are promotional products? 

A promotional product is any item that you give away to promote your business. These products are typically low cost items (or not… depending on your brand) such as pens, plastic cups, totes, T-Shirts, stress balls, or branded face masks. Companies or organizations would use them at trade shows or conferences, as client appreciation gifts, or part of a marketing campaign. 

Great Examples of Promotional Products

  1. USB Drives or Electronics – In today’s technology driven world, you can never have enough storage or power for your devices. Once people start using these little devices, it will likely become a permanent fixture with their keys. 
  2. Custom Printed T-Shirts – People (Employees or extremely loyal customers) who love your brand or company would be walking billboards for you. T-Shirts will forever be one of the best promotional products for any business or organization. 
  3. Custom Tote Bags – These promotional items are very popular because of their versatility and ease of use. Most of them are environmentally friendly and are lifesavers at the beach, grocery shopping or just to carry extra stuff while your brand is displayed wherever the bag goes.  
  4. Promotional DrinkwareAccording to a Global Ad Impression Study,  Poll from the Most people own promotional drinkware. Statistics 
  5. Umbrellas – Branded umbrellas are a great way of being unique and practical. Promotional umbrellas are a great form of advertising even in the rain.  
  6. Kitchen Accessories – These items include branded spatulas, potato chip clips, cutting boards or other utensils.  These items typically are low cost and are used for a very long time. 

In order to consider the likely effectiveness of a promotional product, you must consider the following two questions: How long will they likely keep the item? How many eyes will likely see it over its lifetime? 

The primary goal of promotional products is to create brand awareness with your target market or audience. Hopefully, when your customer need what you offer,  they’ll think of you first.

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