7 Reasons Why Pens are the Number #1 Promotional Product of all time

  1. Useful – People use pens at home, work and school. Writing is part of our daily lives and having a branded pen is a great way to keep your brand before others. 
  2. Cost Effective – Promotional pens are typically purchased in bulk which can range from .35 per pen up to 2.99. 
  3. Quick Turnaround – After artwork is approved, pens typically require 5-7 days of production. 
  4. Mini – Business Cards – Pens can carry important information about your business including your web address or phone number. They can be personalized to provide useful ways to reach you. 
  5. Great Brand Exposure – Pens last a very long time, which provides a longer timeframe for your brand to be remembered by others. 
  6. They can be Shared – How many times have you  been asked, can I borrow your pen? Countless time. When the pen is nice, people will want to keep and the borrowers too!
  7. Pens are Convenient – They can be easily carried for travelers or non-travelers.

As you consider your branding strategy, you can view a wide range of pens on our website or you can view some of the latest pens that has $0 set-up costs

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