How it started… for us

Royal Trophies was actually started in the 1960s located at 1599 White Way East Point, GA by a husband and wife team.  Dave Evans and Rhetta Larabee bought the company from them in 1982 so they can work for themselves.  In 1990, they moved to 2145 Main Street so they can experience more visibility and foot traffic. Royal Trophies experienced a lot of success under their leadership. 

 In 2015, Eric Marcus discovered Royal Trophies after getting some trophy plates engraved. The following year,  he returned to get some more work done and after this visit he felt inspired to acquire the company. After discussing this with his wife, LaPrecious, he discussed the future of Royal Trophies with Mr. Dave. 

Mr. Dave was suspicious and somewhat open to the idea. While Eric remained in touch with him for the next couple of years, Mr. Dave didn’t show much interest in selling the company. 

However, on January 3, 2019 Mr. Dave sent Eric an email asking if he was still interested in taking over the business. Of course, he was interested but being faced with the reality of leaving his full time job was too frightening.  It was the courage of his wife LaPrecious that allowed them to move forward with the purchase of the business and February 8th, 2019, Eric and LaPrecious became the official new owners of Royal Trophies.